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Investigation: Firefighters who live out-of-state but work in town

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A 19 Action News investigation has discovered some Cleveland firefighters actually live out of state, as far away as California.

In fact, 19 Action News found three city firefighters with out of state addresses on city records.

  • Shawn Holian - Jamestown, Pennsylvania
  • Michael Ashworth - Louisville, Kentucky
  • Joseph Coneglio - San Diego, California

Holihan and Sshworth are both assigned to an eastside firehouse so we went there looking for answers and although the men we were looking for were off or on duty, we did see a truck with Pennsylvania plates.

The Safety Director admits it strange but an old law that forced employees to live in Cleveland no longer exists. 

"In fact to the best of my knowledge you don't have to live in the us. The only requirement is you be a U.S. citizen and have a valid driver's license," said Martin Flask.
On time sheets though, one thing still stands out. City Hall says the guys from PA and Kentucky work regular shifts but the guy with the San Diego address has a different story...

"He has people work for him. So he spends 3 or 4 months in California. He comes back to work. Works multiple shifts to make up for his work he missed," said Tom Lally. "We have no rule violations or any law violations that are occurring."

The union president says nothing wrong.

But isn't that extreme? Maybe abusing the system?

"I'm unaware how many months he is gone but in the division of fire they have the ability to trade time," Tom Lally said.


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