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19 Action News
Carl Monday
Jeff Tanchak
Scott Taylor
While it would be difficult to post directions for installing the ringtones on every type of cell phone, below are the most mainstream phones. If the instructions for your phone are not listed here, try searching the Internet for how to install mp3 ringtones on your phone.

iPhone (all models)

1) Save the .m4r file(s) to your desktop (right-mouse click iPhone icon above, choose SAVE TARGET or SAVE AS)
2) Open iTunes on your computer
3) Drag the files into the "library" section of your iTunes. This will import them into iTunes
4) Make sure your phone is connected to your computer, and then click on it via the left-column menu
5) Go to the "ringtones" tab
6) Check the box for "sync ringtones" (if not already checked)
7) Either choose "select all" or select the ones you want
8) Hit "apply" in the lower right corner. This will sync your phone.
9) You may have to sync more than once to get all of the ringtones added
10) On your phone, go into your sounds option under settings and try out your new ringtone

Android (may be different for some phones)

1) Save the .mp3 file(s) to your desktop (right-mouse click iPhone icon above, choose SAVE TARGET or SAVE AS)
2) Connect your phone to your computer via the USB cable
3) On your phone, choose the option to connect to PC via disk drive (aka "mount as disk drive" or "USB storage"). If no connection option appears, go to step 4; otherwise, go to step 5.
4) If no connection option appears when you connect your phone, go to your SETTINGS menu, choose CONNECT TO PC (or similar option like "USB storage") and then select the option for "ask me." Disconnect your phone from the USB cable and plug it in again. The connection option should now appear. Choose the disk drive option.
5) On your computer, go to My Computer or Computer (depending on which version of Wndows you have) and find the "removable disk" that corresponds with your phone. Double click on it to open it up.
6) Inside this main drive folder (the root of the drive), create a new folder called "ringtones" (no quotes, all lowercase).
7) Copy and paste the mp3 file(s) you saved to your desktop into this folder.
8) Power your phone off and then back on again.
9) Go into your ringtones menu (settings --> sound)
10) Look for "WOIOxxRingtone" in your list of available ringtones and choose the one you want.
(Note that you can use this method to add other mp3 ringtones to your Android phone)

For Blackberry and other phone types, try using an Internet search engine to find methods for importing mp3 ringtones to your device.

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