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Paw-thetic: 18-year-old punk accused of putting cat into hot oven

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Suspect: Randy Atkinson Suspect: Randy Atkinson

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LODI, OH (WOIO) - An 18-year-old is accused of putting a cat into a hot oven.

The cat named "Tigger" survived, but was severely burned.

Lodi Police tell 19 Action News that on October 30th, the cat's owner, Chuck Garnett, left the cat with his friend, Stephanie Atkinson, because he was in the process of moving to a new home.

Stephanie had to leave her apartment and that is when her 18-year-old son, Randy, put the cat into the oven. Something the teenage thug tried to deny to his mother and Lodi Police, even though his mother found cat hair in the oven.

"He has had some minor incidents as a juvenile. He just turned 18. So he'll be going to the county jail (Monday) today," said Lodi Police Chief Keough.

Besides the burned paws, Tigger also suffered internal damage from his temperature reaching a staggering 105 degrees.

The cat is slowly recovering with medications from a local veterinarian at the Litchfield Vet Clinic.

Chuck has to put a salve or cream on the burned paws, and has to give the Tigger daily doses of medicine orally.

"Gotta give him medicine everyday. Going back to himself. He never really liked to be held," said Chuck. "When he was really sick he didn't mind me holding him."

Animal cruelty charges are pending against Randy Atkinson. No word on when he will make his first court appearance at this time.

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