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Exclusive: Local Poker Club Shuts Doors Amid Carl Monday Investigation!

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local poker club has temporarily closed their doors following a Carl Monday Investigation.

The Gemini was open for business in Berea, Ohio for several months with the blessing of Berea City Hall. As long as nobody inside is getting paid, even the dealers…the club was legal. 

19 Action News hidden cameras went inside the facility on three different occasions and were told they could tip the dealers by purchasing special chips or customers could pay them with cash. The chips were called "Chocolate Chips."

Former Ohio Lottery Director Mike Dolan tells 19 Action News that "I find that to be inappropriate counsel, inappropriate behavior, and that clearly violates the statute directly." Dolan goes on to say "my counsel would be that is not a proper and lawful activity and should cease and desist immediately."

"The dealer cannot be compensated, cannot be tipped in any shape or form" said Dolan.

Berea's former Assistant Law Director Matt Madzy admits they were aware of the chocolate chips.  They didn't know about the cash tipping. 

A notice of closure on the club's front door Sunday and a message on the poker club's website said it all.

"As a result of contact from the City of Berea we have voluntarily decided that it is in our best interest to suspend operations for the next few days.While we have always been completely open and up front with all local city, county and state officials, some questions have been raised and our occupancy permits are in jeopardy. We feel it is in the best interest of all those concerned to continue to work with public officials involved to find a resolution to these issues. Please be assured this is simply a temporary hiatus until certain issues can be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties."

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