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Editorial: Clock running out on Jim Brown

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(WOIO) - I don't think I am alone in this community when I say I'm getting a little weary of listening to the self-absorbed rants of Jim Brown. 

The legendary Browns running back is an icon of the game for sure, perhaps the best player who ever carried a football and for years a Cleveland treasure. But now in his mid-70's Brown seems determined to test the patience of his long-time fans. 

You might remember a couple of years ago when Ohio State running back Maurice Clarett was trying to jump to the NFL, it was Brown who brazenly labeled Athletic Director Andy Geiger a "slave master" for the way he handled the affair. 

And, when Lebron James seemed to quit in those playoff games earlier this year there was Jim Brown telling the media that the fans were putting too much pressure on poor Lebron.

And now - Brown is back in the spotlight for telling the Cleveland Browns he won't bother to show up for the team's Ring of Honor Ceremony on September 19th. 

He's miffed because new president Mike Holmgren has ended Brown's curious role as an advisor to owner Randy Lerner. Holmgren wants to pay him a $100,000 a year to do something different.

But anything less than having the owner's ear, Brown sees as demeaning and - by the tone of his letter to the team - somehow racially insulting. Well, I regret to say it but I think the clock has run out on Jim Brown.

Write and let me now what you think. 

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