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Editorial Response: Mark Delorean on bilingual ballots

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(WOIO) - I am Mark Delorean responding to Bill Applegate's recent editorial.

Discrimination is defined as excluding a group from opportunities...it's wrong! Likewise, when pseudo-discrimination is used for a group's enrichment, it's also wrong!

For our citizens' protection, we have rules and laws which must be comprehended before an Ohio drivers license can be issued. So how can someone be eligible to vote if they cannot read, write or comprehend english or a candidate's platform?
The USA Today reported 70% of Hispanics voted Democratic on November 6,2008. I respect and defend their right to do so, but only if it is an informed decision! 
In my opinion, a bilingual ballot would cost tax payers over a 1/2 million dollars and it would seem to be a democratic party ploy to stuff the ballot box and retain control using pseudo-discrimination as a method to justify it.  

Thank You. 


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