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Editorial: An Embarrassing Congress

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(WOIO) - Judging by what took place at a house hearing on Capitol Hill last week, it seems the current Congress is determined to be an embarrassment to those who elected them. 

Capping a year in which they created a health care program that polls say hardly anyone likes and an Economic Stimulus Bill that's a joke to everyone except the millions of unemployed, Congress last week outdid itself by bringing in an actual professional comedian to testify - in character - about the serious and contentious subject of immigration.

Stephen Colbert, who has a show on the comedy channel, appeared before the House Judiciary Committee's subcommittee on immigration. Mr. Colbert performed before the committee in his trademark arch-conservative character to essentially make fun of those who object to liberalizing the immigration laws.

It was so awkward that even Committee Chair John Conyers, lifelong liberal contrarian, asked that Colbert leave the room. But - Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she thought the performance was just great.

And so there you have it, instead of passing jobs bills, our fun-loving legislators are toiling in the theater of the absurd. 

Write and let me now what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate.

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