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Editorial: Time for a third party

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown wrote an op-ed piece for USA Today this week attacking the Tea Party Movement. He said the movement spreads fear and fake populism. 

Well, as one of the senate's leading liberal democrats, Brown's comments are hardly surprising and certainly self-serving.

But what Brown fails to appreciate or perhaps may be too afraid to admit is that the appeal of the Tea Party may be less about specific ideology and more about a yearning in this country to ditch the two-party system and create a viable third party. 

Thomas Friedman's writing in the New York Times last week quotes Stanford University Political Scientist Larry Diamond who says that basically we have two bankrupt parties bankrupting the country.

He says both parties can't tell the truth because they are trapped in decades of special interests.

Ross Perot and others have mounted third party presidential campaigns in the past with only modest success. 

But, you know, if there was ever a time for the emergence of a third political party that could throw off the status quo in Washington---well that time is now.

Write and let me now what you think. I'm Bill Applegate. 

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