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Follow-Up: Carl Monday digs deeper into Cleveland's $100 home scam

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - 19 Action News is getting a reaction from Mayor Jackson, concerning a Carl Monday Exclusive Investigation.

Were potential homeowners scammed in a city housing program?

Carl asked Mayor Jackson if getting to the bottom of the shady program's practices was ever a priority?

"It's always a priority whenever you find something irregular, and particularly when people are being harmed," Mayor Jackson.

Mayor Jackson said the city wasted no time investigating some funny business in the city's $100 home program.

"It turned out to be a fraud. Just outright fraud," Romona Blaine.

People like Romona Blaine, who paid up $6,100 to David Mays for a home that should have cost $100.

"I'm very, very angry."

Angry because Romona says the city was fully aware that Mays was still involved in the home program, even after the community group he worked for was banned from the program because of poor performance.

Mays says he did nothing wrong.

"I didn't strong arm anybody. How did I take advantage of these the people with the documentation they have," David Mays.

The city says its documents show they told Mays last year that he was barred from the program. 

"The point that we knew or were aware of Mr. Mays, brokering these houses is absolutely false. And when we learned of that, as soon as we learned about it, on the mayors instructions, we instituted a very thorough, deep investigation," City Regional Development Chief Chris Warren.

Warren says a police internal affairs investigation has cleared any city employee of wrongdoing. A wider probe, that now includes the FBI is concentrating on Mays and business partner James Wilson.

Wilson, we've learned has a previous conviction for check fraud, and served 14 years in prison for rape. Mays, a former Cleveland Browns quarterback, did five years behind bars in a 2.7 million dollar welfare scam.

We're taxpayers, and the city their latest victims?

 "It was just a scam for lack of a better word of somebody on the outside trying to take advantage of citizens. Oh, anytime you use the city's name in a negative way, that's not good," Mayor Jackson.

The mayor says the city's working with all the victims to get proper titles to their homes, bring the properties up to code, and hopefully, get their money back.

Both David Mays and James Wilson insist they've done nothing wrong. 


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