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43 Forum: Scipione, McCormack have their say

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Two people running for the first ever position of Cuyahoga County executive talk about what makes them the person for the job.

The first guest was scientist and business owner Don Scipione.  He is one of three Independents running to become the first ever Cuyahoga County Executive.  Scipione said this is how he plans to fix county government should he be elected in four years he says he will replace the entirety of what he calls the antiquated business systems with modern technology, increase productivity by 30%, cut the size of government by 30% -- by natural attrition and by purging the political appointees, cronies, and double dippers-- and save $200 million each year. Two hundred million dollars that can be used for tax relief and investment.  Scipione has a five point plan: Save $200 million each year with better technology;

Prioritize early childhood education; Offer county healthcare plan to local governments; Vigorously promote our health-tech industry and Reclaim 10,000 foreclosed properties.

The second guest Tim McCormack is a former county commissioner and auditor.  He served in the state legislature and in another Independent hoping to be county executive. McCormack said his top priority is to restore trust by introducing a Code of Ethics. McCormack said job creation is vital to the county's growth.  He said when there is good government in a community it serves as one of the major incentives for people who want to work and live there.  McCormack also talked about the importance of  education saying it's imperative that we see that every child succeeds, that we must embrace the regimen that every child born into this community be provided with the encouragement and tools to live up to their highest potential. McCormack also stated that Cuyahoga County's infant and early childhood education approach is a promising beginning that needs to be expanded upon in every space where a child's future is being shaped.

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