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Editorial: The end of multiculturalism

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(WOIO) - Somewhere back in the early stages of political correctness, it was determined that public signage in places like ATM's and elsewhere in the U.S. should be in Spanish as well as English and also that Mexican-American children in elementary schools ought to be allowed to learn their ABC's in Spanish.

It was part of an overall effort, we were told, to embrace multiculturalism and a similar effort was undertaken in countries in western Europe where there is a large immigrant Muslim population.

Well, now out of Germany comes the frank admission that it isn't working. German chancellor Angela Merkle said this week that multiculturalism has failed in her country. 

She said that four million Turks who reside there haven't bothered to learn the German language, have low skills and rely on the welfare system for support.

Well, this news should be an early alarm for this country where recent studies show that Mexican immigrants have weaker English proficiency, lower skills and lower incomes than other immigrant groups.

The lesson for us here may be what we suspected all along if you want to succeed in America you first have to become an American.  

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