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Editorial: The patronage game goes on

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(WOIO) - Old-fashioned political patronage may have been at the heart of the Cuyahoga County corruption scandal but the practice isn't about to lose its popularity among politicians eager to recruit new supporters and reward old ones. 

That's what happened last week when Governor Strickland made public his picks for the new Ohio Casino Control Commission. Now you would think that members of the commission, who will supervise the state's four new casinos, ought to have some kind of business or gaming background. That would make good common sense but not good political sense. So, Strickland named mostly democratic party functionaries and of course campaign contributors to the casino commission. 

Picked to head the organization is Charles Saxbe, a republican lawyer from Columbus. Wait a minute, did I say republican? Oh well, not really. You see, Saxbe broke ranks with his party when he organized republicans for Strickland back in 2006. And now he gets his reward, a $60-thousand a year part-time gig. 

The republican-controlled state senate still has to confirm these choices and they may decide to wait. After all, if a republican wins the governor's race, those patronage jobs will be just as valuable to them.

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