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Editorial: Paying for Dimora

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(WOIO) - The lead attorney for indicted County Commissioner Jimmy Dimora created a storm of reaction last week when he told the U.S. District Court that his client can't pay his legal fees. 

The lawyer, Richard Lillie, asked to be dismissed from the case unless the government, which means you and me, agrees to pick up the cost of the trial which may well exceed a 1/2 million dollars.

Well, it's not like dimora doesn't have any assets, his home is worth over $400 thousand and he has a lot of money sitting in his state pension annuity.

There is one problem, though. The Feds have slapped a lien on his home and have frozen access to his pension money so that if he is found guilty he can pay some restitution to the county. 

It's unclear whether the home and the pension constitute all of Dimora's wealth. Regardless, it is the taxpayers of Cuyahoga County who will likely get stuck with some part of the short end of the stick. 

If the court makes Dimora sell his house and exhaust his pension, there may be nothing left to pay restitution. And if the court demands that restitution be paid following a guilty verdict - then the government may have to pay his legal bills. Either way, we lose.  

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