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Editorial Response: Mary Dray

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Hello, my name is Mary Dray and I'm responding to Bill Applegate's recent editorial.

The non-partisan congressional budget office says that ObamaCare will cut the national deficit by a whopping $143 billion by 2019, extend social security by 12 years, and strengthen Medicare.

And factcheck.org., published by the University of Pennsylvania, released a report in August stating that the stimulus bill has increased the number of people employed by at least 1.4 million or as much as 3.3 million people, so it appears that more people would be unemployed if not for the stimulus bill.

I don't know why the Democrats could not get their message out. Not all Americans are angry and want a change. I'm an American and I want to give this president a chance. Can we give him more than two years to fix what took eight years to create by the previous administration?

The elderly, not understanding ObamaCare and believing the lies, will cut their own throats, if Obama's Healthcare reform is repealed. 

Thank you.

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