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43 Forum: Be Prepared

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CLEVELAND, OH (10/24/10) - Host, Harry Boomer talks to Judge Michelle Earley on the WUAB 43 Forum. 

Judge Michelle Earley, the youngest sitting judge in Cuyahoga County's history, sits down with Harry Boomer and shares some simple details that can help your experience in court go a little more smoothly.

Judge Earley discussed the importance of being prepared when you show up for court.  It's important to have a lawyer; we talked about when and how to get a public defender if necessary.

Judge Earley also stressed the importance of having your paperwork in order.  People who are not properly prepared end up delaying the process which costs both you and the court additional time and money.  Even worse, inadequate preparation could even result in jail time. 

Judge Earley was appointed by Gov. Ted Strickland, and was an assistant county prosecutor and the Grand Jury supervisor for the county as well. 

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