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Editorial: Politics and Principles

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - The base of the democratic party, its left wing, is hopping mad at President Obama for offering to compromise with the republicans and temporarily extend all of the bush- era tax cuts including those affecting top earners. Congressional leaders Pelosi and Hoyer even went so far as to publicly reprimand the president for not fighting for the party's principles.

But what principles are we talking about here? Are they concerned suddenly over the rising deficit? How could that be? The marginal cost of extending the cuts to the top sector, approximately $70 billion is a drop in the bucket compared to what the president and the democrats have spent in just the last two years on "Obama-Care", various stimulus programs, and extended unemployment payments. 

Could it be they are worried that the fragile economy and might be further harmed by the tax cuts? Well, that doesn't make any sense either since most leading economists agree that a hike in taxes on anyone is likely to hurt the recovery.

We are left then to presume that it is not principle involved here but politics. To the progressive left, there is no better political play than to demonize business and the so-called wealthy and stick them and only them with a tax increase. To his credit, the president, this time, didn't play along. 

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