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Editorial: Compromise on Capitol Hill

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Forget about what you hear on TV from politicians and pundits about the lofty ideals of bi-partisanship in Congress. The fact is bi-partisanship usually only happens because of the power of horse trading and the power of power. That's what happened this week when President Obama agreed to republican demands to extend the Bush-era tax cuts on all Americans, not just the so-called middle class.

The president swapped his support for the measure, even though he opposed it for years, in order to get GOP support for an extension of unemployment benefits. He also did it because the landslide republican victory in November's mid-term election means he is going to have to start compromising if not now, then certainly after the first of the year when the GOP will control the House.

The left-leaning base of the democratic party is furious with the president who they see as having caved to the republicans. But the president, by his actions this week, has shown that he is smart enough not to get drawn into a partisan fight that is purely political and completely symbolic. The nation can only benefit from that kind of thinking. 

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