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Editorial: Strickland bitter after defeat

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(WOIO) - Defeated Ohio Governor Ted Strickland is a bitter man. In remarks to the Plain Dealer that were reminiscent of Richard Nixon's famous "You won't have Dick Nixon to kick around anymore" speech after losing the California Governor's race, Strickland blamed us city-slickers in northeast Ohio for helping him lose his re-election bid.

Interviewed this week, Strickland said he did a lot for Cleveland but never got the support. He went on to say that maybe we didn't support him because he's from Appalachia and we probably consider him a hayseed. 

I don't know about the hayseed part, but in his current state of despair, he obviously has lost track of reality. He ought to know that he lost because during his term the state lost some 400,000 jobs and the voters held him at least partly responsible.

Furthermore, a quick check of the election results from November shows that Strickland actually won Cleveland and Cuyahoga County. It wasn't for lack of support here that the governor finds himself unemployed. 

Maybe he ought to blame his part of the state or maybe he ought to blame himself.

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