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Sweet Setup: Questions swirl over former Commissioner Hagan's cushy new gig

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Former Cuyahoga County Commissioner Tim Hagan has a cushy new job with MetroHealth Medical Center. Hagan will serve as a senior adviser with the hospital and will be a part-time employee.

The new appointment has many thinking something fishy is going on simply because as a County Commissioner, Hagen approved funding for the MetroHealth system.

Now, the cushy job he's accepted at MetroHealth looks like payback. In fact, the $90,000 a year, 3-days a week newly-created position wasn't even advertised.

Newly-elected Executive Ed FitzGerald and 11 county council members replaced Hagan, Peter Lawson Jones and Jim Dimora at the beginning of the year.

Some in the community are calling on FitzGerald to take action on Hagan's new position.

Dear County Executive Fitzgerald,
Our organization The Black Contractors Group would like to congratulate you on becoming Cuyahoga County's first Cuyahoga County Executive. We look forward to working with you, your staff and council to eliminate the engrained corruption and to help educate you and your staff that due to the massive corruption in Cuyahoga County, Black & Minority Contractors and construction workers have been shut out of working on projects that our tax dollars help to finance. This way of life of no diversity and/or inclusion on construction projects has been over looked and accepted in Cuyahoga County for far too long and we all need to make Cuyahoga County become a better place to live, work and raise our families for people of all races, creed, or color to have an equal opportunity. 
The hiring of former ousted ex-Cuyahoga Commissioner Tim Hagan by Cuyahoga County run MetroHealth Medical Center is an absolute insult to our intelligence and very disgusting. It also sends a terrible message to all law abiding, tax paying, residents of Cuyahoga County and yes we the people are very angry, upset, and outraged. Mr. Hagan should not be rewarded with a $90,000 part time job at MetroHealth Medical Center or any other county affiliated agency especially after being ousted from his job as commissioner by the voters of Cuyahoga County for being a part of ruining Cuyahoga County Government that allowed the continuation of corruption. The recent sentencing of the former Vice-President of facilities and Operations of MetroHealth Medical Center and one of Mr. Hagans best friends John J. Carroll to 11.5 years for taking bribes for contracts, in one of the largest corruption probes in the history of The United States of America, evidences the massive widespread corruption that was part of the normal procedure and practices that the ousted ex-commissioners including Mr. Hagan had knowledge of but continuously allowed. The ousted ex-commissioners were also provided with ample documentation pertaining to corruption on numerous occasions that was provided by our organization, but they permitted to continue to do business as usual despite our pleas and warnings over the past 8 years.

We are now asking you Mr. Fitzgerald along with council to stop all funding to MetroHealth Medical Center (our tax dollars) until Mr. Hagan is fired immediately. Please start off your newly created political position by the changes the voters wanted and made by doing the right thing. We need to show the people that this can not and will not be tolerated in Cuyahoga County any longer and say no to "business as usual" and stand up and say no to "The Good Old Boy's Network". This sends a terrible message if he is hired about business as usual in Cuyahoga County and the continuation of corruption is still ongoing.
Norman K. Edwards
Executive Director
The Black Contractors Group

Statement from MetroHealth

Timothy F. Hagan has joined The MetroHealth System as Senior Advisor, responsible for advancing the public health mission and assisting in the growth of the organization.  Hagan will be a part-time employee, working three days a week for MetroHealth.  His other professional commitment is as a consultant to the Mandel Foundation. 

Hagan will be working under the direction of John R. Corlett, Vice President, Government Relations and Community Affairs on a number of important organizational initiatives, including:

  • Helping to expand enrollment in the MetroHealth Select health plan, which has reduced health care costs for the County by providing County employees with a quality, affordable health plan.  The Select plan is being made available to other municipalities and governmental or public entities throughout the County.
  • Working with regional leaders to expand access to MetroHealth's quality of care as part of the System's development of outpatient health care centers and renewal of MetroHealth's main campus on West 25th Street. 
  • Spearheading urban renewal and development in collaboration with community advocates and neighborhood development corporations within the vicinity of MetroHealth Medical Center and the Senior Health & Wellness Center in Old Brooklyn, in order to improve the economic well-being of the community.
  • Assisting with public policy strategy and government relations at the local, state and federal levels, and helping to advance understanding of health and human service issues that impact residents of Cuyahoga County. 

Throughout his public career, Hagan's passion has been health and human service issues, especially health care for the underserved, foster care and adoption.  He has served as the chair of the Cuyahoga County Welfare Reform Council and as a trustee of Malachi House Hospice, Freedom House Inc., Youth Opportunities Unlimited, and the Greater Cleveland Trade Alliance.  He was previously a member of the Technology Leadership Council of Cleveland Tomorrow and served as the Executive Committee Member of the 10th Congressional District's Future Leaders for Greater Cleveland Government (FLAG) Foundation.  He has consulted for the Mandel Foundation, served for fifteen years as a Board Member of the Robert F. Kennedy Foundation, and is a lifetime member of the NAACP.  Hagan served as a Cuyahoga County Commissioner for twenty-two years.

Hagan is an adjunct faculty member at Case Western Reserve's Mandel School of Applied Social Sciences and Cleveland State University's Maxine Goodman Levin College of Urban Affairs.  In 1997, Hagan was the recipient of the Levin College of Urban Affairs In Tribute to Public Service Award in recognition of his exemplary leadership in public office.  In 1998, he received an honorary law degree from Cleveland-Marshall College of Law.

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