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Editorial: Another Day, Another Coach

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(WOIO) - Well, here we go again, a new year and another Browns' head football coach bites the dust. 


 Seems to happen every two years or so which isn't unusual I guess since the team, season after season, comes off as the gang that couldn't shoot straight   but this time, you know, there is actually a genuine reason for some hope.


Unlike the departures of Butch Davis and Romeo Crennel, the firing of Eric Mangini has occurred at a time when there is someone in the Browns' front office who actually knows what he is doing, who knows how to pick a quality, qualified new head coach.

In the past ten years, since the Browns returned really, there  has been no one in the Browns' front office experienced enough to build a winning team.  

With Mike Holmgren now calling the shots in Berea, we have every reason to believe that the future for the team is bound to be a lot brighter than its recent past.

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