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Editorial: Republicans to attack spending

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(WOIO) - Republicans took control of the House of Representatives this week and almost immediately launched into a 20 day plan to overturn or dismantle much of President Obama's progressive agenda.  

First on the Republican's Agenda is a proposal to repeal the health care plan, an effort not likely to succeed beyond the house but which Republicans believe will serve as a symbolic victory in their much-publicized campaign to curtail government spending. 

What's needed, of course, is much more than symbolism. With the nation more than three trillion dollars in debt, both parties must find compromises that secure the country's financial future. It is more than likely though that the Democrats whose 111th congress added more debt than the first 100 Congresses combined, will be content to let the Republicans offer up those  painful spending cuts.  

Despite the nation's financial predicament politics is never far from policy in Washington and the Democrats believe that once voters see what they'll have to give up in the Republican's plan, they will go back to supporting Democratic spending policies, even if the result is an increase in their taxes. We can only hope not.  

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