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Fight Back: Local businessman wants justice after his store is robbed

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - A local businessman has had enough.

After he's robbed blind the thugs come back for more! Believe it or not the punks wanted some nickels and that request pushed the businessman over the edge causing him to fight back.

"I really lost my temper, come on! You've got everything you're coming back for nickels and dimes," Mark Basoum.

Mark Basoum, owner of Sunshine Market, says he could only take so much.

Mr. Basoum has run the place on Warner Rd. at the Cleveland-Garfield border for 28 years. 

He says when the thieves came in, he gave them everything, but when they wanted more he decided to fight back.

"Two people with guns trying to push you around and that's what make you really feel angry," said Mark Basoum. "This is the reward I get after all these years serving the community up here."

Customers got angry too. And with good reason too. The punks were so heartless they even robbed and roughed up a handicapped customer.

"He's been here for years. I mean it's a nice place but the neighborhood got bad," customer. 

Police got a pretty good description of the men from surveillance video. One guy may have had on a Chicago Bears jacket.

If you know who these animals are or where they might be give Crime Stoppers a call and pick up a reward.   

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