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Editorial Response: Tom Gregorich

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(WOIO) - I am Tom Gregorich responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial about double dipping.

I do not agree with a government policy allowing "double dipping" for several reasons: first, compensation of drawing a pension and a salary for the same job is more costly to the taxpayers of Ohio; second, equity problems are created with other employees in similar positions because the double dippers total compensation exceeds that of their peers; third, career advancement possibilities are blocked for employees in lower level positions trying to progress; and the opportunity for a new hire is lost.

The occurrence of double dipping indicates poor management planning. Management needs to develop succession planning to prepare qualified employees to move up, which can create a domino effect up the line until a position on the entry level is opened and filled.

This is less costly, leads to improved employee satisfaction and contributes to a fresh, innovative environment.

It results in a win/win scenario for all stakeholders.

Thank you.


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