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43 Forum: Breast Cancer

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CLEVELAND, OH (2/13/11) - My guest on this week's 43 Forum featured Dr. Natalie Joseph.  She talked about breast cancer and in particular how it affects women of color much more aggressively than their white counterparts. 

Dr. Joseph is a member of MetroHealth Medical Center Division of Surgical Oncology and an Assistant Professor of Surgery at Case Western Reserve University.  

We also discussed colon and rectal cancer, breast cancer, breast conserving surgery, skin sparing and nipple-sparing mastectomy and benign breast disease. 

We talked about self breast exams, when to start doing them, how often to do them and what to do if a woman discovers something unusual. 

We talked about mammograms, breast biopsy, stages of cancer, breast cancer survival rates, surgery, radiation and chemotherapy treatments. 

We discussed life after diagnosis, breast reconstruction, the why me factor, family histories, cancer research and how lifestyle and diet affect ones chances of contracting the disease. 

In terms of why African American women have a tougher time with breast cancer it was surmised that they may get diagnoses later because of a lack of access to healthcare, cultural differences in seeking treatment and other factors including obesity.  

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