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Editorial: Senator Brown and the EPA

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Well sometimes the tendency of our politicians to do whatever is politically expedient works to our benefit.  That's the case with Senator Sherrod Brown's political loop de loop concerning the environmental protection agency's attempt to crack down on so-called greenhouse gas emissions.

The EPA is set to tighten regulations that would likely harm coal-dependent Ohio industries and utilities. Almost 90% of Ohio's electricity comes from coal. S

herrod…originally a rabid supporter of environmental causes… sees re-election danger in that issue so he has sent a letter to President Obama asking that the regulations be eased---and the pace of implementation slowed---presumably until after his re-election.  

While the senator's motivation may be self-serving…we can only hope the president and the EPA are listening. What Ohio's economy doesn't need right now is a heavy dose of additional regulations that would cost businesses and taxpayers more money and would certainly harm the state's recovery.

Write and let me now what you think.  I'm Bill Applegate.   

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