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Editorial Response: Reggie Zeigler

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CLEVELAND, OH (WOIO) - Hello, my name is Reggie Zeigler. I'm responding to Bill Applegate's recent editorial about the president's plan to give stimulus money to replace our current transit system with new high-speed trains.

When asked to commit to high-speed rail, Ohio state elected leaders told the U.S. Government, "Thanks, but no thanks". The question I have is; "How can you say no"?

Although the economy is starting to show signs of life, so many Ohioans still can't find work. Thousands could have been put back to work. We could have had the option of a faster, more efficient means of travel that would have been cheaper than purchasing a plane ticket. More travelers using high-speed trains would have also helped to revive a struggling transit economy.

Instead of the state blindly saying no to stimulus funding for this project, I believe that the people should have been given a say in the matter. Saying yes would have meant the creation of thousands of jobs, but the state's no means that those thousands of jobs remain unrealized and men and women who are eager for work remain unemployed.

Thank You.



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