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Clyde Cancer Cluster Comments

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Many people have sounded off about the cancer cluster in Sandusky County.  More than 30 children are suffering from cancer in Clyde, OH. This cancer cluster is a mystery.

First Name: Shelley

City: Minerva

State: OH

COMMENT: I pray for the children and their families. I pray those who have the authority to investigate will do so.


First Name: Rob

City: Cleveland

State: OH

COMMENT: It is high time to fix this. Kids are dying.  What if it was your kid.


First Name: Cashea

City: Madison

State: TN

COMMENT: There has to be a reason for so many kids to be coming down with cancer. And it needs stopped!


First Name: Jackie

City: Port Republic

State: NJ

Comments: Please do this. Save the kids and their families from future illnesses and heart break.


First Name: Roger

City: Clyde

State: OH

Comments: It doesn't seem fair that we can spend billions of dollars to send young people to get killed (War) but we can't spend even part of that to come up with a cure for childhood cancer.





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