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Editorial Response: Lindsay Faulk

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I am Lindsay Falk responding to Bill Applegate's editorial on the federal spending of education.

What Mr. Applegate's agenda doesn't take into consideration is that an increased student population necessitates an increased budget. More money is needed for up-to-date text books, lab equipment and modern technology. 

When I was in high school in the late 1990's, my school district had only begun to update history and science books from the 1970's with more recent editions. Further, access to modern technology will help qualify graduates for the changing job market and economy and will curb unemployment.

As with any professional industry, a teacher's salary must continue to increase over time to keep up with the rising expense of living in the United States.

The solution to spending less money on education is to continue to fund Planned-Parenthood. Not only does Planned-Parenthood provide our nation's youth and underprivileged with greatly-needed healthcare programs, but it can also help to curb the population with access to birth control.

A decreased population can tighten the budget by limiting spending on public education and other expenses like public welfare programs.

Thank you. 



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