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Editorial Response: Donna Ladd

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I am Donna Ladd responding to Bill Applegate's editorial on the federal spending on education.

It is ironic that Mr. Applegate's editorial occurred right after our local Homeowners' Association meeting where we discussed this very subject. Euclid schools are again asking for another levy that will increase our taxes yet again but I question whether this increase will benefit the schools or the children as much as it benefits the city of Euclid.

Many of us do not have children in school anymore yet we are asked to pay more in taxes. As Mr. Applegate's editorial pointed out, statistics are showing that the children are not getting the quality of education despite dollars being thrown at it.  

It appears that education is not the priority for the children, but for others to benefit at the expense of the children.

I am not against education. What I am against is the cost of it. Many people have multiple degrees and have debt, yet are still encouraged to go back to school and  further their education. Someone needs to be held accountable for all the money being misappropriated and not used for what it was intended the children.

Thank You.



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