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Editorial Response: Donna Atkins

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I am Donna Atkins responding to Bill Applegate's editorial on Political Mumbo Jumbo.

As a non-smoker, I feel that Councilman Cimperman and Cleveland City Council have gone a bit too far.  Hasn't downtown lost enough people and businesses without stipulating more laws on the area? Are they trying to make Cleveland less approachable for businesses or even for visitors?

I believe we all know how to take care of our own bodies.  We do not need people telling us what to do.  This is just one more step towards politicians taking our freedoms away.  What is becoming of Cleveland and for that matter… the United States? 

It seems that we are no longer a free country when we are told that we have to do one thing and not another.  Things which were a part of our freedom are now being taken away from us.  There is no longer freedom of religion, no more mention of god in schools, in public or on holidays…for fear of hurting feelings.  If all cities begin making laws like the one our city council recently approved, before you know it the united states is going to be communistic.

Thank you. 


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