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How is your child's candy connected to the rainforests of Asia?

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Boo at the Zoo is ready to kick off its second week and Halloween is right around the corner. Because the holiday is on a Monday this year, many busy people have probably put off buying the treats they'll be handing out. So before they head out to the store, the Zoo wants to let them know there's an easy, close-to-home choice they can make to help save orangutans, rainforests and all the other wildlife that calls the jungles of southeast Asia home.

The connection between Halloween candy in America and the rainforests of places like Borneo is palm oil, a very common ingredient in candy, snack foods, cosmetics and many other products people buy every day. Worldwide demand for palm oil is soaring and palm oil plantations are the leading cause of rainforest deforestation in Malaysia and Indonesia, home to critically endangered animals such as orangutans and Javan rhinos.

Some companies however, are committed to using only palm oil derived from sustainable farming operations in their products. Shoppers can visit download a fact sheet and a "Best Choices" shopping guide to find out which of their favorite manufacturers are part of the growing movement to end the palm oil crisis and help save wildlife and wild places for future generations.

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