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Editorial: Poor Campaign to pass Issue 2

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If Issue 2, the measure to limit the bargaining rights of public employee unions, goes down to defeat at the polls next Tuesday, state republicans and Governor Kasich will have only themselves to blame. And defeat is a very real possibility as a recent Quinnipiac University Poll shows the measure losing by some 25 points. 

The governor and the Republican-controlled state legislature booted this issue from the very beginning. Instead of passing a law aimed simply at curtailing the out of control wages and benefits enjoyed by public unions, a law that a majority of Ohioans might have supported, the GOP measure, in its current form, essentially puts the union out of business. 

Well, no wonder then that organized labor has pumped almost $20 million into defeating Issue 2. 

Supporters, on the other hand, have raised less than half that amount. You know, republicans said this law was important to their vision of Ohio's future, but you wouldn't know it from the way in which it was drafted and the poor campaign waged to pass it.

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