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"He knew of nothing": Mother of teen accused in Craigslist murder speaks out

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Source: Family Source: Family
Source: Family Source: Family

The mother of a 16-year-old teenager accused in the Craigslist murder and attempted murder plot is speaking out.

The mom of Brogan Rafferty, Yvette Rafferty, says the adult arrested with her son, 52-year-old Richard Beasley. She also said her family trusted Beasley.

Brogan's mom says she felt he was leading him on a Faith-based christian journey, never dreaming the journey would lead him to Noble County and end in murder. She visited her son over the weekend through thick jailhouse glass.

"He just looked like a scared kid," said Yvette Rafferty.

Yvette was there when detectives came calling last week and questioned Brogan about events in Noble County. What she heard leads her to believe her son was unsuspecting.

"I've known Rich since 2000. He was a friend of ours supposedly," said Yvette Rafferty. "He said he knew nothing of what was going on.  But he was along for the ride.  He drove him.  He drove Rich."

Richard Beasley was what you might call a self-styled storefront preacher. After he got out of prison he began to take ex-cons and drug addicts in at his Akron home. He met Brogan Rafferty at a bible study group and quickly became a mentor.

"Rich to me was Chaplin Rich Beasley.  And a friend.  A man of God.  A man of God," said Yvette Rafferty.

Yvette says Brogan had been getting good grades and in recent months was polite, helpful and caring. Her best advice may have come as he was arrested.

"Me and his dad both we both explained to Brogan that he needs to tell the whole truth no matter what this is not snitching this is you know what is right," said Yvette Rafferty.

FBI and police say Beasley and Rafferty lured at least two men to a farm in Marietta, Ohio. The Craigslist ad promised work, but one of the men was murdered and buried in a shallow grave. The other shot in the arm, but managed to escape.

Rafferty and Beasly remain behind bars.

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