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Editorial: Cheating Firemen

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Given the events of the last couple of years in Cuyahoga County government, no one should have been surprised to learn that theft and corruption has so permeated the system it has even reached right down into Cleveland Fire Stations.

19 Action News Reporter Ed Gallek this week revealed that an internal audit of the Cleveland Fire Department uncovered an administrative playhouse where firemen are getting paid without working, who game the system on sick days, and generally just steal taxpayer money. Even more surprising though is news that Mayor Frank Jackson has no plans to prosecute the offending firemen.

Well, it is possible, I guess, that the culture of shaking down taxpayers to benefit politicians and public service unions is so pervasive now as to be accepted, at least in amounts that might be considered by officials as merely petty theft. Well, the only way to change this culture is to identify and punish those whose hands get caught in the cookie jar.  

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