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Snack Shocker: Midday nibbling may hurt your daily diet

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It's a snack shocker. A new study indicates nibbling between breakfast and lunch might damage your diet more than snacking at other times of the day.

It's a study that has a lot of people talking and leaves a lot of people downright confused.

The study results explains how of the 123 dieting women who took part -- those who nibbled between breakfast and lunch lost about 7% of their body weight over one year -- compared to the non morning snackers who lost a whopping 11.5%.  

Gina Cali-Bayless, a dietician at University Hospitals is not real happy with what she sees here.
She points out the study doesn't explain how much or how often the mid morning eaters chowed down because, if done right, she says that snack time is key to success.

"It does work to help the metabolism going and keep the body burning energy but, it also helps with weight loss to control the appetite," said Gina Cali-Bayless.

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