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Editorial: Cheering Tim Tebow

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If you are a football fan you know that Tim Tebow, the unconventional quarterback of the Denver Bronco's, has spent this season not only pulling rabbits out of his hat on the field---but also fending off a storm of criticism about his outward displays of religious devotion.

Tebow, who is an evangelical Christian, wears his beliefs on his sleeves and for that he has drawn the ire of all those secular progressives out there who think that religion-especially Christianity - is, well, passé.

How ironic then that while Tebow is getting skewered for being a man of faith and values elsewhere on the sports pages is the awful story of the former Penn State football Coach Jerry Sandusky accused in multiple cases of sexual abuse of children entrusted to his care.  And similar charges are being faced by a former coach at Syracuse University. You know, there are a lot of unsavory people in big time sports whose behavior deserves to be jeered----but Tim Tebow isn't one of them.

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