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Bedford Heights Mayor looks to strip community center of Jimmy Dimora's name

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The first thing people notice when walking into the Bedford Heights Municipal Complex is the name - the Jimmy Dimora Community Center.

Now that he has been convicted in federal court, Mayor Fletcher Berger wants a name change.

Mayor Berger said he made a point during the investigation and trial that Dimora was innocent until proven guilty, but now that Dimora is a convicted felon, the Mayor is hoping City Council will act on a name change.

If not, he will propose legislation to change the name of the community center. Mayor Berger tells 19 Action News that the current name, quite simply, sends a bad message to the youth of the community.

Some in Bedford Heights are in complete agreement.

"I think they should take the name off," said resident James Hammonds. "One, we have a convicted felon, I don't know of any building in America that's named after a convicted felon."

But not everyone agrees on the possibility of changing the name.

"No, I don't think so, personally," said resident Harry Amick. "He built the place, he did a lot of good things when he was mayor, I don't know what happened to him."

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