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Editorial Reply: Mayor Gary Starr

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I'm Mayor Gary Starr of Middleburg Heights responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial about Congressman Dennis Kucinich.  

During the 16 years Dennis Kucinich was our Congressman, I did not always agree with him on issues but, one area he excelled at was providing services to my residents. Time after time, he helped the elderly with social security, he helped veterans with health care needs; and he worked to save jobs.

Dennis used his skills to save jobs at NASDA, the Defense Finance Agency, and the steel mills. Not once did he ever turn his back on me or my residents.

I wasn't surprised that 75% of the people who knew him best remembered how he always stood up for us over the years and voted for him on election day.

This shout out to Dennis is warm thanks for being there for us in Middleburg Heights and in greater Cleveland and for helping everyday people achieve a higher quality of life.

Thank You.    

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