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Editorial Response: Linda Gracey

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I am Linda Gracey responding to Bill Applegate's Editorial on the Supreme Court's recent decision on strip searches.       

It is disturbing to me that people can be subjected to these strip searches for something as minor as unpaid traffic tickets. Employers are searching job applicants' Facebook accounts.  

The TSA is searching elderly women and children. Compromising X-rays that should only be seen by a doctor are being taken at airports. A spy facility is being built in Utah that can trace billions of emails, Google searches, credit card purchases, and  phone conversations.  We no longer have the privacy of our bodies or any other aspect of our lives.  

Congress approved the use of thirty thousand drones to be used around the country by law enforcement.  These drones can see through walls. They can be useful tools for police, but raise additional concerns about our privacy.   

We need to combat crime and root out terrorists,  but how many of the liberties of law-abiding citizens will be sacrificed in return?  

Thank You.  

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