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Editorial: The Buffet Rule Gimmick

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The near economic collapse of the nation took place four years ago right in the middle of the 2008 presidential campaign.  The candidates played politics with the crisis back then and now- in the middle of another presidential campaign and with the economy still not strong - they are playing politics with the issue again.

This week's winner for political gimmickry goes to President Obama whose "soak-the-rich" campaign strategy led to a Senate vote this week on the so-called buffet rule tax that would raise rates on a handful of millionaires. Now, if passed, the tax would produce less than one percent of the additional deficits in Mr. Obama's budget. But reducing the deficit isn't the point -politics is the point and with Republicans opposing the tax, Democrats think they have a potent political weapon with which to bludgeon likely GOP Nominee and Millionaire Mitt Romney.  

Well, as predicted, the Senate, led by Republicans, defeated the measure much to the delight of the Obama campaign which will now say that Republicans want to protect millionaires. And this is only April, folks -- there's six more months till election day.

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