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Editorial: Making the 12th Grade Matter

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If you can remember what it was like in your senior year of high school or if you watched your kids cruise through the 12th grade, you know that nothing much happens in that final year in high school and…that's a shame.  So, it's good news that Ohio's education leaders want to do something about it. 

The Ohio Department of Education told the State Board of Regents at a recent meeting that there needs to be no distinction between that senior year of high school and the first year of college. The Superintendent of the State Education Department, Stan Heffner, said a high school senior year is in many ways a wasteland.

Now, educators across the nation have been eyeballing this problem for some time and, although a structured remedy isn't in place yet, there is growing enthusiasm for some sort of senior year program that will better prepare kids for both college or technical school.  It's an effort that deserves the support of every parent.

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