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Editorial: Soda Jerk

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The Mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg, is a dilettante billionaire who is swiftly becoming America's number one nanny. Bloomberg last week proposed to ban the sale of large-sized sodas that contain sugar.  It means New Yorkers wouldn't be able to buy a soft drink over sixteen ounces in a restaurant or convenience store.

The Mayor says he is exercising his prerogative to stomp on other people's freedoms in the name of combating obesities. Never mind that folks can still buy giant cokes in the supermarket- or for that matter - order two or three medium-sized sodas at the local fast food joint. Well, the idea of a local government trying to police such a regulation is on its surface -- hilarious. 

But Bloomberg, you know, isn't nanny- in-chief by not trying.  In his eleven years in office, he has acted to foist his personal social agenda dozens of times---organizing campaigns to ban trans fats, smoking, salt and bicycling without your hands on the handlebars. And, no appreciation for irony either does hizzoner…he announced the soda ban on the very day he proclaimed new york city as donut day. 

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