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Halloween costume deals $20 and less

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19 Action News has your Halloween costume bargains.

On a budget and you can't afford to break the bank for a Halloween costume?  There are ways you can dress up without spending a lot of dough!

You may have to be a little creative, but, there are costumes under 20-bucks. spirit Halloween manager Jim Finkelmeier says, " This day and age it's important to use your money wisely. Piecing your own costume together cheaply can be just as effective sometimes."

We found some great deals at the Great Northern Mall store, for young boys a ninja, or Spiderman costumes costs about 20-bucks each.  Girls can get a royal vampiress costume for about the same price, or be a cat with a velvet body suit for $16.99.

They have angel accessories that cost 15-dollars.  You'll have to spend more for the body suit, but, you may have one around the house!  The same thing goes for the sexy bunny look.  You can pick up a vampire costume for under twenty dollars.

Men can get a horror robe to be the grim reaper. The mask isn't included, but, consider painting your face.  The paint isn't that expensive.  Justin Dodge says, " You don't want to spend too much and only do it for one year cause the next year you want to be really creative and do something different and be reasonable about it."

If that doesn't work for you, how about a build a doctor kit for about 20-dollars, there's always the Charlie Sheen kit that comes with a flask along with a baseball cap and wig.

And if you keep the cost down on your costume, hopefully you'll have enough to pick up some sweet treats.

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