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Activists protest at Cleveland City Council meeting on deadly chase

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Cleveland City Council meeting Cleveland City Council meeting

Cleveland City Council members held a hearing Wednesday regarding the November deadly police chase and shooting. About a dozen activists were there, hoping for some answers.

On November 29, 2012, officers shot and killed 2 people after a 25 minute chase - saying the suspects had fired from the car - and even used the car as a weapon. Police fired 137 rounds, but no gun was found in the suspects' car.

Cleveland Police Chief Michael McGrath updated council on how the investigation was being done, but shed no new light. He said he still doesn't know the total number of officers involved.

"Until we get a review and a recommendation from our administrative review committee I really don't have any comments," says McGrath. The chief also says state agents are doing a criminal investigation.

Councilman Zack Reed expressed some frustration that the Chief still doesn't know, but the Chief said he's waiting for the state investigation to end by month's end. He also expects the city administration review to be complete by the end of January as well.

The discussion then shifted away from use of force and chase. Councilman Kevin Conwell asked about identifying problem cops and also why no cameras? Councilman Mike Polensek jumped in, and called the chase "troubling, there are no winners."

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