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Community mourns 4-year-old victim

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Family and friends of Jamarcus Allen gathered Sunday night to remember the four year old shooting victim.

His father, Terrance Allen, was not among the mourners.  He sits in jail, accused of involuntary manslaughter.  Investigators are still trying to determine if the boy or his father pulled the trigger.

"It's been like a I'm still waiting to wake up from," said relative Diamond Akins.

Jamarcus Allen's loved ones tried to come to terms with the loss of a child.

"I'm so hurt...I don't know what to do. I'm just taking it day by day," said his grandmother.

"I just can't believe that that young man's life is extinguished, something that bright is gone so early," said another mourner.

At the vigil, no one wanted to talk about the circumstances of his death. They only wanted to focus on his beautiful spirit.

"He's an angel right now and I know that," said his aunt, Yolanda Palmer.

"He had a smile that would just light up Ohio.  He was the type of young man that was going to take this life by storm. He didn't live it, he embraced it," said Allen's uncle.

Jamarcus's young cousin Anaya shared his birthday. Now family must explain why he won't be around to celebrate with her next month.

"It's not an easy thing to explain to a two year old. It's going to be really hard when she starts asking where he's at," said Akins.

Those who organized the memorial were upset that more people weren't there to support the family and remember the young victim.

Tyesha Perkins sees Jamarcus' death as a call to action for both the community, and our leaders, to regulate guns so that something like this won't happen again.

"We need to come together and stiffen all these gun laws, period," said Perkins.

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