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Mayfield Heights Mayor pleads guilty to ethics violations

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Mayfield Heights Mayor Gregory Costabile in court Mayfield Heights Mayor Gregory Costabile in court

19 Action News is on the case of soon-to-be resigned Mayfield Heights Mayor Gregory Costabile.

The Mayor wasn't in a talking mood when we asked him for a comment on his ethics law violations as he was walking into court Tuesday morning.

Costabile was supposed to have an initial appearance, but in a deal with prosecutors, the case ended quickly.  

As part of the deal, Costabile pleaded guilty to two first degree misdemeanor counts regarding ethics violations. They have to do with his sale of land adjacent to a valuable natural gas site for a higher price than his neighbors, while not reporting the gas company was doing business with the city and making a false statement. 

In court he apologized to the citizens of Mayfield Heights, "I've tried to lead by right example in the city of Mayfield Heights as a Mayor and I trust this will not cast any bad light on that great city."

He told the judge he thought he filled out the forms correctly and blamed bad legal advice, but the prosecutors tell a different story, "He failed to disclose that he got $100,000 from a developer."

That was when he was council president and the developer was doing business with the city.  Then, as mayor they say his property was involved in an oil pool in his neighborhood.  His neighbors received $5000 he received $15,000, and he failed to disclose it.

Costabile was sentenced to one year probation and was ordered to pay $21K in restitution and fines.

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