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Sudden warm-up leaves roads a little rough

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Potholes plague Cleveland streets Potholes plague Cleveland streets

Rain, freezing and then thawing are doing big damage to Cleveland roads.

Drivers are being forced to dodge potholes or deal with the consequences.

In fact, for drivers like Vivian Gates, they are one big nuisance.

"It's terrible. They're bigger than my pool in my backyard. I recently got two new front tires due to a bent rim coming down 130th," said Vivian Gates.

"I hate it with a passion. They tear up your tires and your rims. It's really ridiculous. They need to do something about it," complained Patricia Phoeson.

The city's Department of Public Works says it's trying but adds it's a challenge to plug all the potholes, especially with the recent changes in the weather.

Warm then cold -- the pavement expands then contracts. Potholes are inevitable.

But that's not much comfort to drivers like Gates who said she had to replace those front tires just last Friday.

"It cost me too much. If the city would like to reimburse me, they can contact me," stated Ms. Gates.

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