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19 Action News Investigation: $68,000 fence repair for water department

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We've found the City of Cleveland Water Department just repaired and replaced a gate for $68,000.

The new gate has just been installed at the Kirtland plant. On 9/11 last year, we exposed a security gap. A gate had been propped open and left open with no guard standing watch.

The water department says the old gate had malfunctioned, and it had to be replaced. But for all that money?

Spokesman Jason Wood says, "It was an electronic gate. We had to replace, not only the gate, but the electrical systems--even the pads they sit on. So it was a complete rebuild. It was a pretty substantial amount of work."

Still, some ratepayers we met can't see it.

The work was done by The Petty Group. A spokesman said he's looking into specifics of what was done. But he points out, the company also put in a temporary gate as it replaced the old one. And the company "probably should have charged the city even more."

As for the security breech, we've learned the water department punished two top bosses for letting it happen and not correcting the problem sooner. Security manager William Tell was suspended for three days, and interim water commissioner Alex Margevicius received a letter of reprimand.

The department has since undertaken a security review throughout the water system.

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