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Turning back the hands of time with "Lunch Lifts"

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"Lunch Lifts" "Lunch Lifts"

More and more people, especially women, are turning back the hands of time in virtually no time at all.

The latest popular trend is called "lunch lifts" and women are doing these procedures in pretty much the time it takes to leave the office and order lunch.

The results are really impossible to ignore the before and after pictures impressive, to say the least.

For 57 year old Jude Knight, it was her neck staring back at her in the mirror that bothered her.

"I call it the chicken skin look," said Jude Knight.

So she turned to skintyte laser treatments to change the chicken neck and after just four-of-six scheduled half hour treatments...

"That collagen remodeling that occurs over 4-6 months has really really tightened up neck and jaw," said Knight.

And she did it in essentially the time it takes for a lunch break. 

"Its a half hour treatment. You're good to go no side effects no down time," said Dr. Jeenifer Greer.

And this is why Dr. Greer has seen so many coming in for the "lunch lift" type laser treatments.

"It can actually reduce the risk of skin cancer," said Dr. Greer. "The gene expression in skin treated with BBL for a year actually changed to that of younger skin, so reversing the age of your skin."

And the cosmetic transformative results are simply amazing at un-doing years of sun damage.

"1 or 2 treatments will smooth out skin tone pull out all that damage," explained Dr. Greer.

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