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Fireplace: Winter danger in your home

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Fireplace dangers Fireplace dangers

19 Action News has a warning about heating your home.

This warning comes just as we are settling in for more cold weather.

For many of us we light up our fireplace looking for warmth never knowing there are hidden dangers in your chimney.

For instance, a home in North Ridgeville caught fire early Sunday morning and investigators say while they don't know exactly how it started, it did come from the chimney. Cleveland Fire says it can be caused by several things but most likely....

"You can have a build up of creosote. It's the particle of the wood that burns and it creates the ash the builds up in the wall of the chimney," explain Larry Gray. "Creosote is like rocket fuel once it ignites you can't even put it out with water."

"I would imagine with the wind it could easily blow some ashes in the wall cause it got the wall pretty good," said neighbor Bob Orr.

We found chimney sweep expert Jason Bosze at the Home & Garden Show at the IX Center.

"It's very important you have your chimney cleaned be a professional there are a lot of people that work out of the back of their truck. They're not licensed, they don't know what they are doing," said Jason Bosze. 

Make no mistake, if you ignore the maintenance or inspections you can end up like Bob's neighbor.

"It's a shame because it's the middle of winter you know," said Orr.

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